Establishing levels of roof protection

Working closely with Heritage organisations, architects and local authorities we are able to establish the level of protection required and then quickly complete the installation.

Anti-theft services carried out by our specialist roofing personnel include:

  • Installing motion detectors integrated with an existing alarm or a new one in appropriate critical areas
  • Ensuring that all access points on the roof are integrated with the alarm
  • Placing the alarm company’s signs in relevant places such as doors and windows, as well as exterior areas from the building to act as a deterrent for intruders
  • Placing loud sounding alarms on rooftop hatches which will often deter an intruder from going any further with a planned robbery
  • Installing metal grills to air duct vents, skylights and rooftop hatches or security bars as required.

There are also many sensible precautions the owner of a building can take to deter potential burglars including:

  • Not leaving rooftop access ladders or any other objects that could be used to access the roof outside the building
  • Monitoring the perimeter fencing regularly to ensure no holes have been made in it.
  • Training your personnel in the basics of security such as making a note of calls to your company that seem suspicious or keeping an eye out for unusual vehicles in the car park or parked for long period outside of the perimeter.
  • Investing in CCTV and placing cameras at critical entry points.
  • Developing friendly relationships with the local police, perhaps contributing to the next policeman’s ball, occasionally supplying them with a take-away or sponsoring any events they are participating in. In this way they are likely to respond quickly to a call out should there unfortunately be a break in.
  • And lastly become informed about crime in the surrounding area by communicating with local businesses and the police force, perhaps joining a neighbourhood watch scheme if there is one.

For more information about anti-theft leading and other security measures to protect you roof please contact us for an informal discussion.