Hard Metal Roofing and Cladding

Architectural roofing

Our approach to contemporary metal roofing and cladding is the same as that for historical roofing work, with same care and attention to detailing to ensure the most aesthetic details are watertight.
Hard metal roofing and cladding which includes such materials as stainless steel (TCS) copper, zinc and colour coated metals are currently an area of growth in the construction industry. Its appearance can be used to contrast greatly with traditional building materials such as stone, brick and terracotta; together with expanses of glass, and timber boarding, hard metals are being specified on every conceivable type of building from a summer houses or garden offices to large industrial and commercial buildings both urban and rural. Hard metals are now being accepted by most local authorities who benefit from the metals natural ability to blend and evolved to any local environmental conditions.

Visually metals with a finishes similar to that of lead sheet can offer clients the comfort of a traditional feel to the roof of wall finish, alternatively metals can be installed in bright reflective surfaces and mirror finishes of silver, gold and bronze. These can be seen on many award winning architectural projects around the world. Like all quality roofing finishes such a lead sheet, hard metals require consideration to construction design to ensure that they perform as intended and J. Hempstock & Co Ltd can assist with this at design stage to help ensure that the trades providing the base for the metal understand the need to construct the correct substrate.

Hard metals offer cost effective alternatives to other materials such as single ply, felt liquid plastics which are unable to offer aesthetic and permanent weathering solutions allowing manufacturers to guarantee their products for 25 years.

J. Hempstock & Co Ltd are members of the FTMRC (federation of traditional metal roofing contractors) who also offer insurance backed guarantees on installations and support its members ensuring all legislation is up to date works are inspected regularly to ensure standards do not fall.

J. Hempstock & Co Ltd are within preferred lists for several metal sheet manufactures having their operatives trained with specific details required. This ensures that operatives can assist at site level with clients and contractors to ensure the installation are correct.

Whatever you require, J. Hempstock & Co Ltd can assist to help achieve the desired aesthetics to add value to your project.

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