Rope Access Absailing

Affordable alternative access techniques

  1. Hemstock & Co Ltd is committed to health and safety, providing professional, innovative alternative access services when such techniques are necessary. Rope access is only required in complicated situations and is not designed to replace scaffolding or other traditional access methods. However, it can be a more economic approach and safer option on some complex projects.

IRATA Qualified Operatives

We only work with specialist IRATA qualified Supervisors to ‘rig’, inspect and monitor works in situations that other specialist Heritage CSCS and trained LCA member companies are unable to undertake.

  • The benefits of using rope access include:
  • Reduction in remote access project time
  • Less downtime
  • Minimal impact on ongoing operations

In addition Rope Access provides enormous benefits to our clients when compared to more traditional techniques, including a significant reduction in costs; and the confidence that our IRATA multi-disciplined personnel will carry out any project safely, professionally and reliably.

Our projects have included

  • G-MEX Manchester
  • Manchester Town Hall Extension
  • Barnsley Bus Station
  • Westminster Cathedral Chapter House

Because Rope Access is used in so many industries our experience spans projects that have included wind turbines, petroleum/chemical plants, power installations and offshore/marine industries.

Our multi-disciplined team is able to work in a diverse range of maintenance applications including insulation, coating and NDT (Non Destructive Testing).

For more information about Rope Access services contact us. We are able to advise you on any project requiring alternative access methodology and if you are not sure whether your project is suitable for this or not, we have a wealth of experience we can share with you.