Architectural roofing

Laying a traditional slate roof may seem simple when watching a professional, qualified roofer doing the work but in reality it is quite complicated. This is because a slate roof is made up of individual pieces of slate that have to be laid precisely but to a varying plan. The slates are laid in rows with top row covering those beneath it to cover the joins, thus protecting the roof from the ingress of water.

Synthetic slating

Synthetic slate roof tiles are now available in a range of slate tones that make it possible to remove an existing slate roof and install a synthetic replacement that looks exactly like the original. The shading in synthetic tiling is varied giving the finished roof an authentic appearance. It’s also possible to have synthetic slating colour customised to exactly match your building since the colour combinations with this product are virtually limitless.

Our highly qualified and experienced roofing technicians can repair, restore, clean, maintain and install any product of your choice whether traditional or synthetic. We also offer free advice if you are unsure of what you need or indeed what you are allowed to do if you own a listed building.

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