Solar Thermal

As approved suppliers and installers of Worcester solar water heating systems our clients are able to lower their carbon footprints and save money at the same time.

These systems run separately from any central heating system you may be operating. Heat is collected from solar panels to heat up a cylinder in which water is stored. You can then raise the temperature of the water if required using the system boiler.

We will fit the Worcester solar panels to surfaces that are exposed to the most sunlight and connect the associated pipework to the system cylinder.

The science

There are 3 types of Worcester (Greenskies) solar thermal wet system panels:

Greenskies Solar-Lux evacuated tubes
Greenskies Solar-Lifestyle flat plate collectors
Greenskies Solar-Lito flat plate collectors
The panels absorb rays from the sun and then transfer heat into the pipework which contains water and glycol. A pump circulates this mixture and then deposits the heat into a storage cylinder at which point the glycol goes back to the solar panel to collect more free energy from the sun.

There is a built in control unit to regulate the flow of energy leaving the panels to the cylinder.

The three types of solar panels work in slightly different ways and your choice will depend on positioning, the amount of energy you wish to produce and the volume of hot water you require in the building.

Green credentials help your business

Solar thermal panels do not spoil the aesthetic appearance of your building and for those visitors who do spot them; you are demonstrating your green credentials, which are so important to customers nowadays.

Our professional solar heating engineers can advise you as to the best system for your premises and give you further detailed information about how each system functions.