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Surveying and consultancy

Roof and Cladding Surveys

The protective elements of roofing including tiling and cladding reduce heat loss and ensure that properties are kept dry. One of the most important components of weatherproofing, and usually the most expensive, roofing needs to be inspected on a regular basis since a leaking roof can cause unquantifiable damage if left unattended even for a short period.

Identifying water ingress early will save incalculable expense and whilst all buildings sustain the same type of damage, this is particularly true of stately homes and listed buildings where the cost of repair can be very high.

Comprehensive Reporting

J Hempstock & Co. Ltd carries out roof and cladding surveys on all residential and commercial properties, old or new, with a particular expertise in architectural roofing and provides comprehensive reports. Our highly qualified consultants and roofing surveyors are able to:

  • Undertake roof surveys and compile the requisite report for property acquisition companies
  • Inspect specific elements of the roof and cladding that may be of concern
  • Identify the causes of condensation and water ingress
  • Ascertain defects in the roof or cladding
  • Provide surveys to assist in the assessment of the condition of buildings
  • Inspect new roofing and cladding or remedial works to ensure quality standards have been met and provide a confirmation report.
  • Test air leakage
  • Test the materials used for a roof and cladding

Our surveyors employ a number of techniques to identify defects, providing comprehensive information in a Roof and Cladding Report that is easily understood as to the nature, location and extent of potential and existing problems.

Reports will include our surveyor’s estimation of the roofing component’s expected lifespan.

Roof and Cladding Consultation

When we have completed our roof and cladding surveys we are able to advise you on the remedial solutions available, together with the estimated cost of repairs. J Hempstock & Sons Ltd can also undertake or supervise such remedial works if required.

For further information about our Roof and Cladding Surveys, contact us to discuss your particular project or requirements.